I have lived in Seoul for 2 months!

I think its fair to say that the good old saying “time goes fast when you’re having fun” is pretty darn true. I feel like this year is going to zoom by! We are almost in May…what the frig man.

DSC02579So last weekend I went and did a temple stay with my friend Lauren. It was a really good getaway out of Seoul as Seoul is its own little bubble. I was actually able to see trees, mountains, land….oh and even a real looking house. Mhmm yea a house that sits on the ground, has a front door, and a little front yard. I forgot those existed. We traveled by bus to a state called ‘Jeollabukdo’ which is almost at the bottom of South Korea. I didn’t realise how small South Korea is. After a few rest stops, and some looking around we arrived at Geumsansa Temple. I lived my weekend as a monk, learning how to pray, meditate, eat, and understand parts of Buddhism. To read more about what i got up to then check back soon and click here.

On Monday I met up with my friend Sarah who I was really good friends with in intermediate school but she moved to Australia. It was so great seeing her after 12 years. I totally took one for the team and ordered us a Korean bbq. Yep! So if you want to be taken out for an authentic Korean bbq experience with the coolest person ever, then I’m your girl. I love Korean bbq!!

I had a bit of a melt down this week. I was marking my kids nouns assessment and they had done terrible. I felt like it was all my fault, had a massive cry, and thought i was the worse teacher ever. Thank goodness I have the most amazing co-workers ever who gave me great advice, and tips. I have this fear that I am going to fail my amazing kids. All I can do is learn from what happened and reflect on my practice.

This made me laugh. One of my kids read and responds to their books about ‘African Americans in History’ this week.

unnamed1“I think Barbara Jordan is fat”

 …..and this is when my laptops hard drive broke and I cant remember what I was going to write next.




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